Welcome to the University of Michigan’s Single Molecule Analysis in Real-Time (SMART) Center


The SMART (Single Molecule Analysis in Real-Time)coverfigure_sm Center is an NSF-seeded shared use facility providing university researchers with single molecule detection and manipulation tools to track and analyze biomolecules with unprecedented detail. The goal of the SMART Center is to develop a university-wide initiative in the emerging area of single molecule technology to bring basic scientists, engineers, and clinical researchers together to apply this technology to the most relevant questions in medicine and nanotechnology. This initiative will thus build on the momentum established by the State’s creation of the Michigan Life Sciences Corridor (MLSC) Core Technology Alliance for single molecule spectroscopy at Michigan.

The SMART Center provides access to state-of-the art instrumentation, including single molecule spectroscopy and imaging, laser tweezers, and atomic force microscopy; as well as experienced support in experimental planning and analysis. To learn more, see our recent flyer or browse the links above. We would also be happy to give your group a short demonstration of our capabilities and discuss potential applications.